Ottawa Local Transportation Details and Schedules

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Arriving in Ottawa

For those delegates and partners who indicated on their registration form that a pickup is required, transportation from the Ottawa International Airport, the VIA Rail Train Station or the Greyhound Bus Terminal will be provided from Tuesday, July 2 to Wednesday July 3 by the Local Arrangements Committee (LAC). Pickup times are from 5:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. on Tuesday and from 5:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

Passengers will be transported to one of the six assembly hotels, the Ottawa Convention Centre, or the two university residences only. Delegates staying at alternate locations will be responsible for their own local transportation. Delegates arriving prior to July 2nd are on their own for arrangements.

VIA Rail or Greyhound – Those arriving at the VIA Rail station or Greyhound Bus Terminal will be met by LAC volunteers. Hand held signs will identify the LAC volunteers. Please identify yourself to them.

Airport – For those arriving at the Ottawa International Airport, you will be met in the arrivals area near the baggage carousels by LAC volunteers. Hand held signs will identify the volunteers who can assist you with your luggage. Please identify yourself to them upon arrival. If your flight is delayed, please note that the volunteers will be monitoring arrival times and will be expecting you. If you are unable to locate a volunteer, please contact 613-858-3733.

For those arriving from international destinations, you will need to pick up your baggage and clear Canadian Customs and Immigration before entering the main public area where the LAC volunteers holding signs will be waiting for you. Please identify yourself to them.

Assembly Local Transportation

The bulk of Joint Assembly activities will take place at the Ottawa Convention Centre. The centre is within walking distance of the assembly hotels. No local transportation will be provided on a daily basis to and from the Ottawa Convention Centre and hotels or universities.

Mobility concerns – For those delegates with mobility concerns only a limited schedule to and from the assembly hotels will be provided. For those delegates who indicated on their registration form their mobility concerns, please identify yourself upon arrival at the airport or train station to the LAC volunteer in charge to arrange for daily transportation and confirm your hotel.

Departure from Ottawa

Transportation at the end of the Joint Assembly will be provided from downtown Ottawa to the Ottawa International Airport, VIA Rail Train Station, and Greyhound Bus Terminal on July 7 for all of those who requested transportation on their registration form.

Please check the departure schedules at the end of this transportation notice. If your flight, train or bus does not appear on the lists, you are asked to check in at the Information Desk at the Joint Assembly by noon on Friday July 5 to confirm your departure time. If you have any questions regarding departure transportation, please contact the onsite Information Desk.

On July 7th, a chartered bus service will transport delegates to the airport for arrival approximately one to one and a half hours prior to your departure time. The first bus, starting at noon, will depart from the Ottawa Convention Centre main entrance and go directly to the airport. All other buses or vans on the schedule will start at the OCC and make a loop around to the six assembly hotels to pick up passengers. Spaces are limited by bus capacity. Please plan to be at the pickup location at least 10 minutes prior to the planned departure time.

Departure times on the schedule are from the OCC starting point. LAC volunteers will be at each of the hotels to assist you with the bus pickup. Those with international departures from the airport should allow additional time and should identify themselves as such at the Information Desk.

On July 7 a special luggage room will be available at the OCC (Room 212) for those departing from the OCC.

Delegates departing outside the scheduled time frame will be responsible for their own local transportation arrangements.

Other Transportation in the City of Ottawa

Taxi service is also available from the airport, train and bus stations for those not requesting transportation services. Car rental agencies are located at the airport.

In addition, city buses (OC Transpo at provide regular service between the downtown area (Mackenzie King Bridge at the south side of Rideau Centre) and the Ottawa International Airport (#97) and the VIA Rail Train Station (#95) between the hours of 5 a.m. and midnight. Cash fare for a one way trip is $3.30 (no change provided). On July 1st, all OC Transpo buses are free.

Bus service to and from the airport (#97) operates every 10 to 15 minutes and takes roughly 1⁄2 hour of travel time. Bus service to and from the VIA Rail station (#95) operates every 5 to 10 minutes and takes roughly 10 minutes travel time. All assembly hotels are within a 10 to 15 minute walking time of the Mackenzie King stop. The University of Ottawa is directly on the transit way and has its own Campus stop.

Last Minute Travel Changes – Help! I need to contact someone!

If your travel plans to or from Ottawa change before you leave, please email the Joint Local Arrangements Committee at If your plane/train/bus is rescheduled at the last minute; if you are driving and get lost; if you have other questions related to transportation, please call 613-858- 3733 (613-858-FRED). This number will reach Fred Michel (chair of the Transportation Committee), who will be able to assist you.



All departure times are from the OCC. Except where noted, the buses and vans will travel from the OCC to delegate hotels to pick up passengers and their baggage.

AC163, AC167, AC199, WJ361 To Be Arranged – See Info Desk VAN
AC 453 (13:00)
AC 7732 (13:45) (USA)
12:00 (From OCC ONLY) VAN
AC 455 (14:00) WJ 365 (14:00) AC 984 (14:25) WJ 573 (14:30) PD 260 (14:30) AC 131 (14:35) 12:15 (From OCC ONLY) BUS 1
PD 261 (15:30)
DELTA 4027 (16:45) (USA)
13:30 VAN
AC 459 (16:00) AC 8988 (16:00) AC 7729 (16:10) AC 8529 (16:35) AC 459 (16:59) 13:45 BUS 2
AC 461 (17:00) WJ 369 (17:00) AC 143 (17:10) AC 8650 (17:15) AC 8748 (17:15) PD 268(17:20) 14:15 BUS 3
UNITED 4351 (17:29) 15:15 VAN
AC 191 (18:00) AC 463 (18:00) AC 451 (18:01) AC 189 (18:10) AC 190 (18:10) AC 634 (18:10) JD 323 (18:15) 15:30 BUS 4
AC 118 (18:20) AC 855 (18:25) AC 8650 (18:25) AC 8834 (18:25) PD 267 (18:25) PD 270 (18:25) AC 167 (18:30) WJ 669 (18:53) 16:00 BUS 5
AC 465 (19:00) WJ 521 (19:05) AC 143 (19:10) AC 8798 (19:10) AC 8225 (19:30) WJ 225 (19:50) 17:00 BUS 6
AC 838 (19:35) (GERMANY) 17:00 VAN
AC 123 (20:00) AC 467 (20:00) WJ 373 (20:05) AC 8599 (20:15) AC 143 (20:25) AC 146 (20:25) AC 139 (21:00) AC 271 (22:18) 17:45 BUS 7


12:30 045 11:30 VAN
14:13 054 13:15 VAN
15:06 657 14:00 VAN
17:02 059 16:00 VAN
18:17 659 17:15 VAN
18:30 638 17:15 VAN
14:30 13:30 VAN