Nominations Committee Report: Committees

Standing Committees

Financial Management

Robert Dickson (New Westminster, Male, Laity)
Robert Falby (Toronto, Male, Laity, COGS)
Verna Firth (Arctic, Female, Laity)
Leo Martin (Fredericton, Male, Clergy)


Stephen Andrews (Algoma, Male, Bishop)
Perry Cooper (Central Newfoundland, Male, Clergy)
David Irving (Saskatoon, Male, Bishop)
Jane Osler (New Westminster, Female, Laity)
David Selzer (Ottawa, Male, Clergy)
Sharon White (Niagara, Female, Laity)

Coordinating Committees

Anglican Journal

Nissa Basbaum (Kootenay, Female, Clergy)
Tara Munn (Athabasca, Female, Laity)
Robert Towler (Huron, Male, Clergy)

Communications and Information Resources

Neil Elliott (Kootenay, Male, Clergy)
Susan Titterington (Rupert’s Land, Female, Clergy)
Susan Winn (Montreal, Female, Laity)

Faith, Worship and Ministry

Linda Nicholls (Toronto, Female, Bishop)
Deidre Piper (Ottawa, Female, Laity)
Ansley Tucker (Calgary, Female, Clergy) 

Partners in Mission

Peter Fenty (Toronto, Male, Bishop)
Christopher Parsons (BC, Male, Clergy)
Anne Patterson (Ontario, Female, Laity) 

Public Witness for Social and Ecological Justice

Rick Chapman (Edmonton, Male, Clergy)
Randal Goodfellow (Ottawa, Male, Laity)
Jennifer Warren (Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Female, Laity)

Resources for Mission

Glen Mitchell (New Westminster, Male, Laity)
Jane Scanlon (Ottawa, Female, Laity)
Geoffrey Woodcroft (Rupert’s Land, Male, Clergy)