ELCIC National Convention vote results


The following are results from various motions and elections which were part of the 2013 ELCIC National Convention sessions.





Vice President

  • Sheila Hamilton was elected to the position of Vice President on the third ballot.

 National Church Council

  • BC Synod (Lay): Jeanie Stann
  • ABT Synod (Rostered): Marc Jerry
  • ABT Synod (Lay): Judy Wry
  • SK Synod (Lay): Vanessa Bergeron
  • MNO Synod (Rostered): Cameron Harder
  • EAST Synod (Lay 1): Bruce Cook
  • EAST Synod (Lay 2): Marie-Laure Collett
  • EAST Synod (Rostered): Brian Wilker-Frey

ELCIC Group Services Inc.

  • Non-Plan Member: Bob Matthes

Court of Adjudicaton

  • Rostered: Stephen Kristenson
  • Lay: Susan Bottern
  • Lay: Cathy Morris