Moving outward from Assembly, together for the love of the world


Watch Rev. Duraisingh’s remarks

On Sunday morning, the Joint Assembly’s keynote speaker the Rev. Dr. Christopher Duraisingh reflected on what had transpired during the historic gathering of Lutherans and Anglicans over the past few days. He said, “I have witnessed what God can do through committed leaders. I go from here with hope strengthened, confident in the Gospel strengthened.”

He cautioned that it is not enough to stay on the balcony and watch. Missionary people are those who no longer stay in the Upper Room but go with Jesus into the street.

He spoke of how the leaders of the Assembly have a third eye, the eye of the heart. We need to see with the eyes of compassion when we look at others.

He talked about seeing a group; burdened by dwindling resources, who have seen a vision of what is possible in the Spirit, “Do what you can with what you have. Together for the love of the world, you have made commitments. Now it remains to put these into action in each and every place where you go.”

He suggested that those who had attended the Assembly should make an effort to get two or three Anglican and Lutheran congregations in their area to meet regularly to reflect on what God is calling them to do today. “Every congregation must have a missional function,” he said. “The other functions of the congregation must be concentrated on propelling the congregation into mission.”

He concluded his remarks with, “May the God of surprises lead you on the journey you have undertaken together for the love of the world.”

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