Joint Assembly 2013 Daily Report—July 6

An unofficial digest of the proceedings of the First Joint Assembly of the Anglican Church of Canada and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and the 40th Session of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada

Saturday July 6, 2013

Joint Session #5

Public Witness Event on Parliament Hill

The Joint Assembly gathered on Parliament Hill in an act of public witness. The event was led by youth (some who are delegates of the 2013 Joint Assembly and others from the wider community) to draw attention to the issues of access to clean drinking water for all people, especially Canada’s First Nations people.

General Synod Session #5

1.     Pension Committee

Bishop Phillip Poole presented the Report of the Pension Committee.


  • A180 Continuing Education Plan. Carried
  • A 181 Amendments to the Long Term Disability Plan. Carried
  • A 182 Amendments to the Regulations of Canon VIII (General Synod Pension and Benefits Plan). Carried.
  • A183 Amendments to the Regulations of Canon IX (Lay Retirement Plan). Carried
  • A184 Amendments to the Long Term Disability Plan (pre-2005). Carried

2.     Faith, Worship, and Ministry

Canon Andrew Asbil introduced the work of the Liturgy Task Force. The Very Reverend Louise Peters described the work of the Initiation Rites working group of the Task Force and Eileen Scully invited connection with dioceses and parishes in work on liturgy and faith formation.


*denotes motions from the No Debate List

  • A140 R1* Final Report of the Primate’s Commission on Theological Education and Formation for Presbyteral Ministry and Recommendations. Carried
  • A141* To Love and Serve the Lord. Carried.
  • A142* The Church: Towards a Common Vision. Carried.

3.     Resolutions

  • A170R1*Supporting creation care across the church. Carried.
  • C001  Baptismal Covenant Addition. Carried.
  • C003 Preparation of Motions to Change Canon XX1 On Marriage; Directions to CoGS  Carried as amended. Text of amendment below in italics:

“…bishop, congregation or diocese should be constrained to participate in, or authorize such marriages against the dictates of their conscience.

This motion will also include supporting documentation that:

a) demonstrates broad consultation in its preparation;

b) explains how this motion does not contravene the Solemn Declaration;

c) confirms immunity under civil law and the Human Rights Code for those bishops, dioceses and priests who refuse to participate in or authorize the marriage of same‐sex couples on the basis of conscience; and

d) provides a biblical and theological rational for this change in teaching on the nature of Christian marriage.”

  • C002 Joint Anglican Lutheran Commission  Carried


4.     Rupert’s Land – Diocese of Keewatin Presentation

The presentation began with a procession of the Elders, Bishops, diocesan members and Chiefs from the Diocese of Keewatin. Archbishop David Ashdown and Bishop Lydia Mamakwa led the presentation. The Reverend Amos Winter traced the history of the Diocese’s ministry and movements towards self-determination for Indigenous Anglicans. Kenneth Kitchikeesik spoke of how the dream of self determination had been passed down through generations, bringing the diocese to the point of having a self-determining, self-sustaining diocese in northern Ontario and Bishop Lydia Mamakwa.  The Very Reverend James Dugan traced the details of the growing ministries in the three distinct regions of the diocese. Bishop Don Phillips expressed the pride and excitement of the people of Rupert’s Land in being involved in the process of moving the southern area of Keewatin into the Diocese of Rupert’s Land. Bishop Michael Hawkins emphasized that self determination is a theological movement not a political movement. Following passage of the resolution, Bishop Lydia Mamakwa presented a pair of moccasins to Archbishop Hiltz as a gift and sign of walking and dancing together. The Primate paid tribute to the leadership of Bishop Mamakwa, Archbishop Ashdown and Bishop Mark MacDonald in bringing this vision to fruition. The Keewatin representatives processed out of the Synod hall accompanied by the singing of Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow.


B001 Division of the Diocese of Keewatin. Carried as amended by adding “and authorizes CoGS to give concurrence to the boundary changes required.”

5.     Reconsideration of C003

Having voted already, the Chancellor under Rule 21 moved to reconsider C003. Carried.

Motion to call the question to vote on the resolution. Carried.

Motion C003 carried in all orders.

6.     Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples

Bishop Mark MacDonald led the gathering in singing in a mini Gospel Jamboree. The Reverend Ginny Doctor, Coordinator for Indigenous Ministries, described the ways that the dreams and visions of Indigenous Anglicans have grown through the seven Sacred Circles. A video of the most recent Sacred Circle was shown. Bishop MacDonald spoke with hope of the promise of a Commission to work on issues in the continuing journey of healing and reconciliation. Gifts of thanks were presented to Dianne Izzard, Lisa Barry, Becky Boucher, Harry Huskins, Randall Fairey, David Jones and Nancy Hurn. Sheba McKay and Dixie Bird spoke of Gospel Based Discipleship and introduced a video on the Seven Traditional Teachings presented by Indigenous Anglican youth.  The presentation closed with prayer.

7.     Host Diocese 2016

Archdeacon Colin Johnson thanked the Diocese of Ottawa for their hospitality of this Synod and offered invitation to the Diocese of Toronto for General Synod 2016.

8.     Wrap up

The Primate offered thanks and presented a gift to Canon Robert Falby, Prolocutor and to Dianne Izzard, Assistant to the General Secretary.

A Motion of Thanks was presented in the form of a litany and carried, following which the Fortieth Session of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada was declared closed.

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